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Thermal Fuse factory - Guangzhou, China
    Thermal Fuse factory

    Fuses, Thermal Fuse are overcurrent | overheat protection components.Fuses have current fuses,Car chip fuse,Resistive fuses,SMD fuse,Resettable fuse,Glass fuses. Fusing speed is divided into fast break | slow break.The Thermal Fuse has (RH [box type], RP [resistance type], RY [metal shell]),The main brands are Tamura, Emerson, NEC, AUPO, LEBAO.Install the ... »

    2017-6-7 - Guangzhou, China



jig and fixture parts - ¥1 - Guangzhou, China
    jig and fixture parts

    CNC machining Refers to CNC athe, CNC milling, CNC boring and milling machine. KANGDING is OEM manufactory of auto parts, hardware parts,spray nozzle, railway accessories, bathroom accessoires, equipemnt spare parts, hydraulic spare parts,pipe and fittings, Metal fabrication, etc. Product have Non-standard CNC parts, casting, forged, turning,bolt Fixture,Fastener,stamping die,welding, forming, ... »

    2017-6-7 - Guangzhou, China


ntc temperature sensor - Guangzhou, China
    ntc temperature sensor

    A: waterproof ds18b20 digital temperature sensor Appearance production requirements: 1: cylindrical shell size: 3 * 8,4 * 20,5 * 25,5 * 30,6 * 30,5 * 80,6 * 100, etc. (can be customized), Unit: (MM) 2: File Dimensions: can be customized according to customer requirements 3: Cable length: based on ... »

    2017-5-2 - Guangzhou, China


air cooler - ¥200 - Guangzhou, China
    air cooler

    Air cooler is cooling, ventilation, dust and other functions evaporative chillers.Product points: industrial evaporative chillers, household mobile air-conditioning fan, commercial water-cooled air-conditioning,evaporative air cooler,air cool are widely used in factories around the world | shops | restaurants | Family | public plac... »

    2017-5-2 - Guangzhou, China


Stainless steel Accessories - Guangzhou, China
    Stainless steel Accessories

    Dongguan Kangding precision metal processing using advanced equipment, Specializing in all kinds of metal stamping, Non-standard hardware parts,CNC aluminum parts,Car hardware,Stainless steel Accessories,Lathe parts,Milling, grinding, wire cutting, die casting, stamping, turning sand,Automatic lathe processing,CNC machining, CNC lathe processing,Five-axis lathe processing,Sheet metal processing,Paint processing,plating,Surface ... »

    2017-5-2 - Guangzhou, China



ksd301 Temperature switch - Guangzhou, China
    ksd301 Temperature switch

    Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd. professional production and sales:Defrost thermostat, thermal protection,motor thermal switch , ksd9700,ksd301,17AM, ST-22, TB02, fuses,Thermal cutoff, Temperature switch,Temperature Control switch,thermal cutoff switch,thermostat,Liquid expansion thermal switch,Fuse,China fuse resistance,Thermal Fuse,car fuses,Tamura temperature fuse,NTC,Thermistor,temperature sensor,Water temperature ... »

    2017-5-2 - Guangzhou, China


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